The Struggle Is Real… Or Is It?

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The main problem about raising your kids on real food, is that everyone else decides for you that your kids, the ones that you’ve carried inside you for over 9 months, went through excruciating pain to give birth to, lost years of sleep over, cried...

I decided to share our weekly food photos in a blog post instead of Facebook. Not because I don’t like Facebook (ah, who am I kidding, I hate it), but because I always get this feeling that as soon as I move on to write...

I received the best birthday gift ever this year: traveling with my little sister (and a couple of friends) to Amsterdam, one of my all-time favorite cities on earth. The first time I traveled there I was a 22 year old baby. Healthy eating and...

(This article was written for Girlfriend Guide to Zurich) Here at Girlfriend Guide, we always need a good and energizing snack around. And we know how hard it is sometimes, to go for the healthy snack, rather than falling for the good-old chocolate temptation yet again,...

Oh, I could talk for hours about apple cider vinegar. One of those miracle drugs if you ask me. Good for practically anything, and saved my life a few years ago when I finally found out about it. I used to have chronic sinus infections....

The lovely Marlies Hazelaar-van Schaik of Free From Supermarket and I, decided to come up with products that will help all the busy people out there. I mean, don’t we all wish to eat (and feed) quality food and snacks in no time? Well, we...

A lot of you have been asking me for advice on what to do now that illness season has struck. So, as my oldest woke up yesterday with a sore throat, I figured why not just give you our treatment-menu of choice. But before I do...

I had one long and crazy day today, in which,amongst other things, I became AN AUNT!! I can’t even begin to explain how nerve wrecking it is when your little sister gives birth for the first time. This tiny creature who used to follow you...

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